Serving back and neck pain from the Bahamas since 1993

Patients from the Bahamas

Dr. Nordt has been involved with back and neck pain patients from the Bahamas since 1993. We have worked with various insurances in the Bahamas including Atlantic Health, Bahamas Health, NIB, and Colina.

Dr. Nordt’s extraordinary ability to properly diagnose the root of a patient’s back or neck pain is what sets him apart from most Spine Doctors. Dr. Nordt has coined the term, “Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis”.

Many of the current treaters in the Bahamas have a limited knowledge of the how the spine works, and many patients from the Bahamas, fly to Miami to specifically see Dr. John Nordt for his expertise.

Dr. Nordt has also helped correct many previous failed surgeries by other surgeons. He helped a patient from the Bahamas who had several unsuccessful back surgeries with other spine surgeons 10 years ago. She found Dr. Nordt eight years ago, and he immediately resolved her problem and she has lived pain free ever since. She is a patient for life.

If a patient in the Bahamas or anywhere for that matter has several back surgeries and still suffers from pain, they need to change course. Patients should not be on pain medication 3 months after surgery. Patients should be able to return to work without any restrictions after back surgery

Dr. Nordt finds it fascinating to take care of Bahamas patients. Having worked with patients from the Bahamas for over 20 years, he believes patients from the Bahamas are very reliable as far as following instructions to resolve their back pain.

Dr. Nordt has presented several times at the Grand Bahamas Medical Conference over the years. many of the referring doctors in the Bahamas know Dr. Nordt very well for his expertise.

You can see testimonials from many of our patients from Bahamas here

Many of the surgeries and treatments Dr. Nordt performs for patients in the Bahamas include

  • Laminectomy
  • Revision Spine Surgery
  • Spine Fusion
  • Physical Therapy

Bahamas patients can call 305-662-2851 to setup an appointment and coordinate travel. We have a local Bahamas concierge that can assist with air and hotel accommodations. We have many reasonable rates with local hotels. Our concierge will even provide local transportation to and from the hospital.

Any required imaging studies will be performed when the patient arrives at Spine Center of Miami. Many times patients will not need surgery and will only need Physical Therapy. All patients are required to come into the office to have a full evaluation and consultation by Dr. Nordt himself.

You should expect to stay 10-12 days if you are scheduled for spine surgery. You will have a required followup visit in 4-6 weeks.

For more information please call 305-662-2851.