It’s not Tiger Woods fault

Tiger Woods had his first surgery a “Microdiscectomy” back in April 2014. By September 2015 his second surgery and by October 2015 his third surgery. A year and a half later he had a minimally invasive spine fusion on April 2017.

The Medical establishment failed Tiger Woods. He had an incomplete diagnosis for which an in adequate surgery was performed three times as judged by their failures. 18 months later a fusion was performed. Not having true knowledge of the first three surgeries, there is little detail but the failures tell all. An operation for a “pinched nerve”, when severe back pain exists, just exacerbates the back pain problem. Most diagnoses such as a “pinched nerve” are based on an MRI image only, not on the clinical picture of numbness, weakness, or some clinically relevant leg pain.

Having to take narcotics 2 to 3 months after surgery is a failure of diagnosis, appropriate surgery, or an in adequate procedure overall.

It is an embarrassment to my specialty of orthopedic spine surgery and to the medical profession.

It was not Tiger Woods fault!

Dr. John Nordt, MD
Recent President of the Florida Orthopaedic Society